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  Men's grooming, men's aesthetics
Pubic hair trimmer /  unisex 
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Pubic Hair Heat Trimmer for Men

Integrating technology from five Japanese companies

PELOUSA was developed by the presidents of five Japanese downtown factories over five and half years.

Grooming without any tingling feeling

PELOUSA is a pubic hair trimmer for grooming with which the tips of the hair are burnt off and trimmed without causing any tingling feeling. Patent applied (Japanese Patent Application No.2020-7296)

Full money back guarantee

Please have your beloved partner evaluate you before and after using PELOUSA. The price will be fully refunded if your partner isn't thrilled with the result.


PELOUSA: for the care and treatment for man's pubic hair, VUO!

This is a groundbreaking pubic hair trimmer for men (unisex) without causing any tingling feeling. With the idea of grooming, which is completely different from conventional hair removal, it burns off and trims the tips of unwanted hair.

Please try using PELOUSA once. Your caveman-like pubic area will be transformed into that of a nice modern man just back from a barbershop.

Product Information

PELOUSA (unisex) for men's grooming, men’s aesthetics!
There are three types of hair styling methods (long, medium, and short).

You can expect a completely different finish compared to other companies' heat cutters in the speed, amount and perfection of grooming. It is only PELOUSA that allows you to trim with one hand until the end!
Patent applied (Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-7296)

Once you use PELOUSA, you will be a new person admired by your beloved partner, and you will gain the pride and self-confidence of a man!

PELOUSA will change your life in just 30 minutes.

It is completely guaranteed by the presidents of the five downtown factories [Team PELOUSA] who have developed this product over the past five and a half years.


Reviews from happy customers

Here are some reviews from our happy customers.

Extremely satisfied

I became interested in PELOUSA after seeing the website, and as it comes with a money back guarantee, I decided to try it for the first time.

By just using it for 10 minutes once a month, I can keep my pubic area tidy.

No tingling feeling!

I used to use a grooming tool from another company, but I stopped using it because it caused a tingling feeling. However, when I tried using PELOUSA, I was really impressed as I didn’t feel any irritation at all!

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