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Pubic hair trimmer


Men’s grooming revolution

PELOUSA is ready after five and a half years!

Some famous soccer players, baseball players,
and sumo wrestlers are already using it

Common in Western countries

Still at developmental stage in Japan?

Are you worried if men should groom their pubic hair or how it should be taken care of?

Since it is a delicate part, some people may be interested in grooming but do not know where to start. Many people may worry that something may go wrong.

There seems to be a slight difference in opinions between overseas and Japan about whether pubic hair should be groomed. Caring for pubic hair is regarded as basic manners for both men and women overseas, and it is also common for men to groom.

In Europe and America, 70 to 80% of men undertake some form of grooming. However, in Japan, there are still many voices saying that they are uncomfortable or hesitate to do so.

Pubic hair

Benefits of care

It is not embarrassing to take care of your pubic hair. Actually, it would be accepted favorably.

Of course, it may not be a big problem if you do nothing, but grooming is important not only for appearance but also for hygiene.

Here are some of the benefits of grooming.

Reduction of discomfort and odor

Pubic area can be sweaty, and it sometimes causes bad smells. By taking care of pubic hair, you will have better ventilation and can expect to reduce odors.

 Enjoy fashion

You can enjoy swimwear and underwear without worrying about pubic hair.

 Feel comfortable without entanglement

Discomfort such as being caught, tangled, or pulled will be reduced, and you will feel better.

Your partner will love it.

You can fulfill the desire of all men: “bigger is better!” You will also look clean and tidy.

No shaving, cutting or pulling

Trimming, the fourth way

Although there are several benefits of grooming your pubic hair, such as for appearance and hygiene, the wrong kind of care causes all manner of problems: darkening, rough skin (razor burn), and tingling pain.

PELOUSA is a pubic hair trimmer that burns off the hair tips with a heat wire called a heat cutter.

Due to the heat treatment, the tips of the hair are rounded, resulting in a more natural finish than with razors or scissors.

Rather than shaving or pulling, PELOUSA is a grooming item that shortens and trims the length of the hair. Therefore, it is less likely to cause irritation to the skin, compared to other self-care products.

The heat trimmer, which does not cause any damage to the skin, is highly recommended for the care of your highly sensitive delicate zone.

If you are interested in caring for your pubic hair, but could not take a step forward, why not take this opportunity to experience the grooming revolution of PELOUSA?

Men's grooming revolution


Unlike hair removal, the idea of PELOUSA with which the tips of the hair are burnt off, is to shorten the hair to about 1 to 3 cm and trim it thinly. Therefore, you can go back to your old self within a few months. If you have your hair permanently removed, you can't go back to your old self no matter how hard you try. This is the major difference between hair removal and grooming.

If you would like to see the difference after trimming (Before & After), please click below.

Three grooming methods and
precautions when using

Here are some precautions when using PELOUSA.

 Long hair
(to 2 to 3 cm length)

When using PELOUSA for the first time, when the hair is long, pinch the hair firmly with your middle finger, forefinger, and thumb. Hold PELOUSA parallel to your skin and burn off the hair.

Medium hair
 (to 1 to 2 cm length)

To further shorten the hair (2 to 3 cm), place the comb of PELOUSA firmly to the skin at an angle of about 20 to 40 degrees and burn off the hair.

Short hair
(to 0.5-1 cm length)

To make the hair shorter than 1 cm, or if you want to trim the soft part of the skin (U line), place the PELOUSA vertically on the skin and move it back and forth to burn off the hair in the same way as using an electric razor.

Care after grooming

After grooming, lather soap well with a body towel or body sponge to wash away any burnt residue left on the tips of the hair.

 Use on dry skin

Not waterproof. Never use or store the product near water, or use it in wet location. There is a risk of malfunction, electric shock, or fire.


4 safety functions for safe use


The power will automatically turn off in 1 minute if the heat switch is not pressed after turning on the main power.

The heat switch cannot be pressed unless the main power is turned on. For safety, the wire will not heat up if you do not press the heat switch for 1 minute while the main power is on. In that case, turn off the main power, turn it on again, and press the heat switch.

Heat switch automatically turns off in 10 seconds if kept pressed.

The heat switch automatically turns off the heater circuit when pressed for 10 seconds.

If the heater turns off, release your finger from the heat switch and press it again.

The power cannot be turned on unless the heat wire cartridge is installed.

The power cannot be turned on unless the heat wire cartridge is installed.

It cannot be turned on when the heat wire is cut. Stop using it immediately and replace the heat wire cartridge (sold separately).

The power turns off if the comb part is accidentally opened during use.

It is designed to switch off the power if the comb part is accidentally opened during use. Turn off the main power after closing the comb, turn it on again, and then press the heat switch.

Heat wire cartridge

The heat wire cartridge is a replaceable item. The following issues may appear after using the product for a certain amount of time.

If so, stop using it, and replace the heat wire cartridge (sold separately).

When the heat wire is deformed/curved/cut

When the heat wire does not get hot enough even after a full charge, making it difficult to trim hair

Price list

PELOUSA main body 12,800 yen
Replacement heat wire cartridge (set of 2) 4,600 yen

*Excluding consumption tax

*Free shipping nationwide

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