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Here are the reasons to choose PELOUSA.

Integrates technology from five Japanese companies

PELOUSA was developed by the presidents of five Japanese downtown factories over the past five and a half years (currently manufactured at the Shenzhen factory in China).
I am Yusuke Fumoto (called Roku-chan), one of the product development members and the CEO of PELOUSA LLC.

From the age of 50, I started to think what I could do for others, something only I could do. The answer was not easy to find, so I decided to take a trip to Western countries.

I met many people, made friends, sometimes had dinner together, sometimes took a shower together, and I was surprised.
I noticed that Western men trimmed their pubic hair, while Japanese men didn’t. From that moment, I started researching and it led to the development of PELOUSA.

Grooming without any tingling feeling

PELOUSA is a pubic hair trimmer for grooming without causing any tingling feeling. The tips of the hair are burnt off and trimmed. Patent applied (Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-7296)

There are three ways to care for the pubic area: shaving, cutting, and pulling the hair out.

However, all of these have some disadvantages. If you shave, you get razor burn, if you cut it, you get a tingling feeling with the sharp tips of your hair, and if you pull the hair out, you get rough skin.

Then I came up with a fourth way - grooming, in which the tips of the hair are burnt off and trimmed. This idea is completely different from hair removal or making your delicate area totally bare.

It is to burn off the hair to a shorter length of 1 to 3 cm so that it looks trimmed and well-maintained, a revolutionary method in which you don’t feel any tingling feeling with the tips of your hair.

Full money back guarantee

Pubic hair grows about half as fast as the hair on your head (depending on the individual).

After initially trimming with PELOUSA, you can maintain a nice style for the rest of your life just by using it for 10 minutes a month.

If, for some reason, you want to or have to go back to your old self, just stop using PELOUSA for 3-4 months. Once you remove your hair permanently, you can't go back to your old self no matter how hard you try. This is the fundamental difference between hair removal and grooming.

If your beloved partner says, “I loved you more when you had bushy hair like a caveman before using PELOUSA!” you can send it back immediately. The price will be fully refunded.