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Percentage of men grooming worldwide!

Do you know what percentage of men groom their pubic hair in Western countries?
It is said to be 70% to 80%.
On the other hand, it is less than 2 % in Southeast Asia including Japan.

Is it true that only Japanese men have never groomed throughout history? No, it’s not true. In the long history of Japan, it seems that after the Meiji era, pubic hair stopped being maintained.

Before that, in public baths in the Edo period, things like shells and hair cutting stones were always prepared, and both men and women used them for grooming.  

Also, the idea of grooming that I came up with can be traced back to the Edo period.

It seems that some working women at the time burnt their pubic hair one by one with incense sticks to maintain their appearance and to show consideration to their partners.

Isn’t this a wonderful story that symbolizes the delicacy and hospitality of Japanese?


PELOUSA fulfills man's eternal desire and spirit of adventure

Just take my word for it and try using PELOUSA once. Then please take a look at yourself in the mirror. I think you will find yourself looking completely clean and tidy. At the same time, I am sure that you will be surprised by the new discovery and the new appearance of yourself.

Wow, my symbol looks huge… I’m… glad!

Please try using PELOUSA from tomorrow.

Once you use PELOUSA, you will be admired by your beloved partner, and you will be a new person with the pride and self-confidence of a man!


  Yusuke Fumoto (Roku-chan)
  CEO, Product Development Manager